never settle

I identify strongly with Milhouse. Plant-eatin feminist killjoy. Governments and cats are overrated. Let's ride bikes together.

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Bust comprised of bones by artist Bruce Mahalski. This life-size bust is of a female sheep/human hybrid made of rabbit vertebrae apart from the spinal area which is made of sheep vertebrae and other bones. In common with the sales process the piece has a hole in it revealing that the center is empty.

Gonna do a banner drop soon, anybody got any ideas about what to write on it? I’m thinking something environmental/police brutality related


John Pfahl - Smoke Series (1988-99)


13 grams of OG kush wax.


From Sheffield Autonomous Students

Nice Dresses


Single Mothers - Nice Dresses

She doesn’t even love me, she just loves to fuck me.
Maybe she just loves to fuck with me.


Julião Sarmento - Stain - Bite - Shoulder (1996)